(1), component design

Designed in accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC: 1215: 2003 standard requirements, using 36 or 72 polycrystalline silicon solar cells in series to form 12V and 24V various types of modules. This component can be used in various household photovoltaic systems, independent photovoltaic power stations and grid-connected photovoltaic power stations.

(2), component selection

Cells: Monocrystalline silicon solar cells (size 125mm×125mm) are used. The anti-reflection film of the battery is a silicon nitride film enhanced by plasma chemical vapor deposition, which is dark blue. The average conversion efficiency of the battery is above 16%. Module frame: The module frame is made of anodized aluminum alloy frame, and the thickness of the aluminum oxide film on the surface is 25 microns. The module frame is provided with four groups of screw holes for easy installation and a group of grounding holes, which fully meets the certification requirements of international agencies.

Packaging material: The components are laminated with anti-aging EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer) imported from abroad and TPT (composite fluoroplastic film) material with good weather resistance.

Junction box: The junction box of the module is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of grid-connected power generation in the current international market. PP material is used as the junction box shell and inner insulating material, and the silver-plated copper electrode material is used as the terminal. A bypass diode to reduce the hot spot effect.

The junction box has good sealing and waterproof performance.

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Capacity <1Ah
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Buy 120 Watts Mono silicon solar cells for $162.10 at Lifepo4 li-ion Battery Factory