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300ah lithium battery

Product name: 300ah lithium battery
Battery pack type: lithium battery
Rated voltage: 96V
Rated capacity: 300Ah
Charging current: 50A
Discharge current: 200A
Battery pack size: 570*530*332mm (customizable)
Total weight of battery pack: 225kg
Protection level: IP65
Whether to customize: yes

Product advantages:
1. Precise waterproof, molding process makes the whole battery have good airtightness.
2. Cycle life, low internal resistance and high specific energy discharge balance.
3. Small internal resistance, maintenance-free, pollution-free, good sealing, environmental protection, long life, high liquid retention, overvoltage protection, continuous battery life, stable discharge, high safety, and no leakage.

Product structure features:
Electrode plate: The positive electrode plate adopts a tubular electrode plate, which can prevent the falling of living materials. The frame of the positive electrode plate is formed by die-casting of a multi-element alloy. The alloy structure has fine and dense grains, good performance and long service life. The negative electrode plate is a paste-coated electrode plate, and the grid is a radial structure, which improves the utilization rate of living materials and the large current discharge capacity, and the charge acceptance ability is strong.
Electrolyte: The main material is made of German fumed silica, which is in a dilute sol state when it is injected, which can fill the entire plate space in the battery and make all parts of the plate react evenly. Its rich liquid volume design makes the battery less likely to dry up under high temperature and overcharge conditions. Its heat capacity is large, heat dissipation is good, and thermal runaway will not occur. The electrolyte is in a gel state and does not flow in the finished battery, so there is no leakage or delamination; the gel battery has a very low solution density, usually 1.24 ~ 1.26g/ml, and it has lighter corrosion to the electrode plate.
Separator: The colloidal battery microporous PVC-SiO2 separator of European AMER-SIL company is adopted, which has a large porosity and low resistance. It has larger electrolyte storage space, high affinity with colloidal electrolyte, and long battery cycle life.
Excessive electrolyte design: high electrolyte carrying capacity, full of plate, separator and shell cavity, battery heat dissipation is good, and thermal runaway is not easy to occur.

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