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Everyone knows that the battery of Apple mobile phones is of a non-replaceable design, because the iPhone is different from other mobile phones in terms of battery design. It is designed to be more compact and continues the usual style of iPod, so we have to do more in our daily use. Pay attention to the battery usage and maintenance of the iPhone. The following editor will share with you the correct use of Apple mobile phone batteries and battery maintenance knowledge, hoping to help you.


How to use the battery of Apple mobile phone correctly


1. Lithium battery has no memory effect, excessive discharge will only accelerate it and kill it


It can be said that "the mobile phone must be used up and then recharged" is the first place in the list of misconceptions. Why is there such a wrong idea? In fact, "the battery has a memory effect, and if it is not used up, it will damage the battery." This is the characteristic of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, and this kind of mainstream rechargeable batteries before lithium batteries were widely used. It is true that you must wait for the battery to run out before you can charge it, otherwise the battery's stored power will be used less and less.


But now smart phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, digital cameras, mobile power supplies and other products use lithium polymer batteries commonly known as "lithium batteries." This kind of battery has completely different characteristics from the Ni-MH battery: it has no memory effect and cannot be over-discharged.


The calculation of the service life of lithium polymer batteries is based on the "number of charging cycles", which is the number of times of "0~100%" charging. Simply put, if a lithium battery has a cycle life of 1,000 cycles, then theoretically, as long as the "use from 100% to 0% and then recharge from 0% back to 100%" is repeated a thousand times, then the battery is almost the same. The end of life! But in fact, the physical characteristics of lithium batteries cause damage to the battery itself when it is over-discharged. If you often use the battery to 0% before charging, then the battery will not care whether you use it or not so many cycles , And will directly die early!


Therefore, the first limitation of the use of lithium batteries is to never charge the battery until it is completely empty. It is best to charge the battery as much as possible when you can charge, so that the battery can be used for a long time. ~ If you often go out for a whole day and can’t recharge, often drag to go home, and the battery is less than 10% left before recharging, then it is recommended that you buy a mobile power bank with you, and don’t keep your battery away. In an ultra-low battery state.


2. No need to rush to unplug when fully charged, just unplug after leaving


The second most common misconception of charging is "Unplug it immediately after charging to 100%". In fact, whether it is a mobile phone or a computer, manufacturers will design an anti-overcharge mechanism that automatically switches to the power source when the battery is full. The power supply is used to power the computer or mobile phone. If you pay attention to iOS6 (if you still have it??), the power display in the upper right corner will also change to a plug pattern after fully charged. This means that the mobile phone uses an external power supply to supply power. Tips.


Therefore, you don't need to rush to unplug the power supply when you are fully charged. You can unplug it when you want to leave the place where you can charge. Some people may ask, "Is it okay to plug in the battery all the time?" About this...Unless you can charge your phone for a week, please trust the electrical appliance manufacturer's ability to design the anti-overcharge mechanism. Got crazy!


3. Keep the battery power below 20% once every two weeks to maintain battery health


If you change your charging habits smoothly after reading the above teaching and follow the instructions above to protect the battery, then your battery has taken a big step towards "long-life battery"! But here you need to do more One thing: keep the battery power below 20% once every two weeks to maintain battery health. First of all, we need to know that lithium battery is a very troublesome battery. If you keep it charged and discharged, it will hang up early; if you keep it discharged to 0%, it will hang up early; even if you don’t let it discharge, it will hang up early. Hang up!


Due to the physical characteristics of the lithium battery, if the battery does not fully discharge and activate the internal power storage structure for a long time, the battery will die early. But if you keep him discharging every day, it will also cause the battery to die, so in order to solve this contradiction, the best way is to keep the battery below 20% every two weeks (don’t use 0%) Recharge afterwards, you can maintain the health of the battery well and let him accompany you for a long time!


Of course, this is mainly because you often plug in the electrical appliances without unplugging it. If you discharge the battery to less than 20% every day, then you don't need to do this unnecessary thing.


4. As for how far the battery is "dead"?


First, the lithium battery will swell after it dies. Please note that this is not an explosion. This is just a mechanism to remind you that the battery is broken. If your iPhone or other devices suddenly "get fat", please change the battery as soon as possible. !


Second, if the battery is not getting fat, but your phone obviously has less power storage than before, then after you rule out the power consumption is not caused by your App, it is recommended that you send it for repair as soon as possible.


iPhone battery maintenance knowledge


1. The correct charging method for iphone battery:


Regarding the issue of "activation" of lithium batteries, many claims are: the charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times in order to activate the battery. This statement of "charging for more than 12 hours in the first three charges" is obviously a continuation of the statement from nickel batteries (such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride). So this statement can be said to be misinformation at the beginning. The charge and discharge characteristics of lithium batteries and nickel batteries are very different, and I can tell you very clearly that all the serious official technical materials I have consulted emphasize that overcharge and overdischarge will affect lithium batteries, especially liquid lithium Ion batteries cause great damage. Therefore, it is best to charge according to the standard time and standard method, especially not to charge more than 12 hours.


In the final analysis, the most important tips for the charging and discharging of lithium batteries in use are:


1. Charge according to the standard time and procedure, even the first three times;


2. When the machine battery is too low prompt, you should try to start charging as soon as possible;


3. The activation of the lithium battery does not require special methods. The lithium battery will be naturally activated during normal use of the machine. If you insist on using the popular "first three 12-hour long charge activation" method, it won't actually work.


4. Lithium batteries can be charged at any time without worrying about any side effects!


Therefore, all pursuits of 12-hour long charging and automatic shutdown of lithium batteries are wrong. If you did something wrong in the past, please correct it in time, maybe it's not too late.


Two, a few tips about iPhone battery saving!


1. Using 3G to surf the Internet is very power-consuming, if it is really unnecessary. I suggest you close it!


Turn off method: Settings-General-Network-Enable 3G [Just turn it off, the gray one is off. The blue one is on]


Note: The cellular data below must be turned on, otherwise you will not be able to access the 2G network.


2. Bluetooth, wireless local area network (WiFi), and positioning are also very power-consuming. If you are not using these, you are strongly required to turn it off!


Closing method: (1), [Wireless LAN] (WiFi) settings-wireless LAN-turn off


(2) [Bluetooth] Settings-General-Bluetooth-Turn off


(3) [Positioning] Settings-General-Positioning


(4) [Turning off positioning may affect the use of some programs, such as googleearth, qq, etc. Turn it on when you need it]


3. Turn off push notifications


Some applications from the AppStore will use push notifications, which will also affect the battery life of your iPhone.


Close method: Settings-Notification-Close.


4. Try to reduce the brightness of your screen and shorten the lock screen time.


At the same time, I want to tell you that iPhone will consume a lot of power quickly when using the following programs.


(1), 3G video call, 3G internet, wifi internet,


(2) Video playback [especially HD playback], 2D and 3D games [This is a power-consuming tiger], recording video [This is not an exaggeration, it consumes more power than you play 3D games]


(3), Bluetooth transfer things, take photos, GPS navigation


Generally speaking, making calls and listening to music consume very little power...


3. Keep the battery away from high temperature and low temperature environment!


Lithium batteries will affect their life in extremely cold and high temperature environments! So when you live in southern cities and northern cities, I suggest you check it out.


If the room temperature is above 26 degrees, your iphone is still covered with your cotton protective cover or leather protective cover when charging, please remove it! Put it on after washing.


If you are in the summer, it is recommended that you do not leave your iPhone alone in the car...otherwise "she will cry!" will "die young"!


If you live in the cold Harbin or Inner Mongolia where the weather has been extremely cold recently, I suggest you bring a charger, the battery will fall asleep! The power will be greatly reduced! Of course you return to a warm area, she will quickly get better !


Fourth, the basic principles of iphone mobile phone battery maintenance


1. It is best not to charge the iPhone with a computer USB, because the charging is not satisfied at all, and there may even be leakage. This is a common shortcoming of many digital products. You must insist on using a dock charger. This is a serious problem that the iPhone is currently facing after actual testing.


2. The resident memory software installed with deb is less used, reducing the repeated installation of applications with repeated functions. Pay special attention to applications such as backgrounder and sbs, which are big power users.


3. Develop a good habit of turning off the switch at any time.


4. Clean up the software at all times. Uninstall applications that haven't been activated within 2 weeks as much as possible, and install them when necessary.


5. When closing Safari, close the page and press Home, otherwise it will occupy memory.


6. The battery is charged and used at any time, and a complete charging and discharging cycle is adhered to once a month to calibrate the power (when it is used to automatically shut down and then use the cradle to charge to 100%).


7. If the battery pack and third-party charger are not used, there is no need.


8. The beautification is enough, those theme beautification tools take up memory and consume electricity.


9. Regarding 91 mobile assistants, etc., it is not recommended to use. The most terrifying thing for everyone is to cause the white apple and other bad effects.


Five, iphone mobile phone battery maintenance basic settings


1. Operator: Don't set it to auto search, it will find signals, which is very power-consuming. After entering, check China Mobile or China Unicom, and you will not automatically search again in the future. This power saving is obvious.


2. Notification: Off.


3. Sound: Set the vibration yourself according to your needs. If the working environment does not need to be muted, it can be completely turned off.


4. Brightness: Set a low point, and the otaku can turn off the automatic adjustment (automatic adjustment is a permanent process, which costs more electricity).


5. Wallpaper: It is more difficult to handle, but I still recommend it to everyone, that is, use a solid color, so that every time the system is turned on or unlocked, the workload of the system to decompress the picture is small. This is not feasible, but the effect is particularly obvious.


6. General settings:


A. Network: If 3G is not available, turn it on when sharing is used, and turn on Wi-Fi when it is needed. VPN is also set up in the same way.


B. Bluetooth: Off

C. Location service: turn it on when needed.

D. Automatic lock: set a shorter length.


7. Mail, address book, calendar.


A. The account is closed as "inactive" if it is not used.


B. Get new data: Off.


C. Calendar "Received new...": Off.


8. SMS: Repeat as much as possible, turn off MMS if you don't use it (MMS costs more electricity, maybe it is a baseband BUG).

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