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Electric toothbrush battery

Product parameters:
Battery type: Cylindrical lithium ion battery
Combination method: according to customer requirements
Battery model: Li-ion 14500 3.7V 800mAh
Nominal capacity: 800mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Dimensions: diameter 14mm* length 50mm
Protection IC technical parameters: according to customer requirements

Electric toothbrush battery characteristics:
The battery voltage is a lithium battery with a voltage of 1.5V. The battery core is a lithium battery. The capacity of the No. 5 lithium battery is 1700 mA. It can be recharged 1200 times. The electric toothbrush battery is a rechargeable battery. The electric toothbrush battery is charged using the TYPEC interface. Equipped with TYPEC charging cable, fast charging speed, 1.5 hours full charge, the battery is a 1.5V rechargeable battery
Wide range of applications: electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, beauty salon products, IT products, lighting, communication equipment, IC card terminals, GPS systems, LED lights, medical equipment, instruments, electric toys, flashlights, miner’s lamps, etc.
Remarks: capacity, protection board, outlet method are customized according to customer requirements

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Capacity <1Ah
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