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Product parameters:
Model: GSSP100W- SP
Power: 100W
Cell: Sunpower
Quantity: 32pcs.
Conversion efficiency: 23.5%
Power tolerance: ±5%
Working voltage: 17.6V
Working current: 5.68A
Open circuit voltage: 21.1V
Short circuit current: 6.36A
Product size: 540* 1050*2.5mm
Product weight: 1.9kg
Waterproof rating: IP65
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Advantages of Canadian flexible solar panels:
1. Lightweight, portable, flexible
The components can be bent to a certain angle, the thickness is only 2.5mm, and the weight is less than 2 kg. The four corners have reserved screw holes for easy installation.
2. Complete IV curve cell
The main chip is a grade A cell, with super high conversion rate, good low light performance, and stable output performance.
3. Japanese frosted noodles
The frosted PET imported from Japan not only feels good, but also has good light transmittance, dust and scratch resistance.
4. Junction box
Standard photovoltaic cable, special photovoltaic MC4 connector, protection grade IP65, good heat dissipation, low loss and long service life.

Our solar panels use the standard MC4 interface. The biggest advantage of the MC4 cable is that it can connect multiple solar panels, which is suitable for all solar panels that use the MC4 interface.

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