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forklift battery types

Product name: Forklift battery pack
Rated capacity: 400AH
Voltage: 48V
Model: VSDX400M
Provide customized services such as product model, appearance, parameters, etc.

Forklift battery characteristics:
Charge performance: The excellent charge performance of the battery allows you to install and use the car, eliminating the trouble of initial charging.
Battery capacity: Sufficient battery capacity ensures the battery's good high-rate, high-current start-up discharge performance.
Alloy formula:
The grid has good corrosion resistance, small outgassing, low water loss, low self-discharge, and long battery life.
multiple usage:
DC power supply for various electric forklifts, electric tractors and other material handling vehicles.
the whole frame:
To ensure that the battery is beautiful and easy to install and unload, it has obtained a national patent.
Into the D partition:
Use high-quality imported separators. Select imported PE separators with small resistance, strong corrosion resistance, small aperture, and high porosity.
Power supply:
Long life, large instantaneous current, high weight-to-energy, and good rechargeability.

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