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On-off grid system battery

Grid-connected and off-grid system batteries mean an environment where there is no mains electricity. The batteries used for grid-connected and off-grid system batteries are conventional lithium-ion batteries to form a battery pack. The number and capacity of the batteries are configured according to the requirements of use. In general off-grid systems, solar energy is used to charge the battery, and the battery is discharged at night or in rainy days.

Our grid-connected and off-grid system batteries can support off-grid and grid-connected operation, and the wind and wind complement each other. When the wind and solar power is sufficient, the system will automatically store the excess power in the battery while the power is supplied; when the wind and wind power is insufficient, the system will automatically use the power stored in the battery module for load use. Users can formulate energy storage strategies by themselves. For example, users can set the system to store energy when electricity prices are low and sell electricity when electricity prices are high, so as to maximize customer benefits. This system includes energy management system, battery management system BMS, grid-connected inverter, and energy storage battery. The functions of the energy storage system include: AC and DC inverter, battery charging and discharging, power grid and battery switching, but also UPS function
Application range:
Energy storage system: communication base stations, remote areas or islands, outdoor activities, home and business, wind and new energy utilization
Intelligent lighting: provide technical solutions for enterprises, and provide intelligent lighting service solutions for commercial, industrial, public and government buildings, outdoor and residential buildings

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