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product name:
Anode material: carbon
Rated capacity: 156mAh
Charging time: 6.5h
Charging current: 5A
Service life: 336000h
Storage period: 3 years
Standard voltage: 3.7V
Custom processing: Yes

Product advantages:
1. Power supply for the device within 600W power, 577Wh I 156000mAh large capacity, one device can meet the needs of multiple devices.
2. The high-definition LED display large screen can display the charging power and the wattage of different output ports.
3. A variety of output interfaces, super compatible, can be applied to more equipment scenarios.
4. Anti-electric shock picks, effectively prevent accidental touch and protect safety.
5. Rubber dust-proof plug, exquisite workmanship, to prevent internal dust.
6. Intelligent temperature control heat dissipation, double side cooling holes and equipped with a cooling fan.

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Capacity <1Ah
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