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Solar charge controller parameters:
System voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V
No-load loss: 0.5W
Battery voltage: 9V~64V
Maximum PV open circuit voltage: 140V
Maximum power point voltage range: (battery voltage +2) ~ 120V
Rated charging current: 60A
Rated load current: 40A
Solar panel power: 800W/12V; 1600W/24V; 2400W/36V; 3200W/48V
Charging conversion efficiency: ≤98%
MPPT tracking efficiency:> 99%
Light control on voltage: 5V*n
Light control off voltage: 6V*n
Light control delay: Daytime to night time delay time 5 minutes (default): Night time to daytime 1 minute
Communication mode: isolated RS485: baud rate 9600, data bit 8, stop bit 1. no parity bit; default address
Cooling method: natural cooling + fan cooling
Parallel charging: multiple controllers can be charged in parallel by connecting RS485 communication line

The solar charge controller adopts the industry-leading PowerCatcher maximum power tracking technology to realize the maximum energy tracking of solar panels, so that it can quickly and accurately track the maximum power point of solar cells in any environment, and obtain the maximum power of solar panels in real time. Energy, significantly improve the energy utilization rate of the solar system.
It is widely used in solar off-grid photovoltaic systems to manage the work of solar panels and batteries and is the core control component of off-grid photovoltaic systems. The controller has complete electronic fault detection and protection functions, which can avoid damage to product components due to installation errors and system failures to the greatest extent.
Characteristics of solar charge controller:
1. Adopt PowerCatcher maximum power tracking technology.
2. Supports full power charging and discharging at the same time.
3. Support parallel charging.
4. Support lithium battery, the controller output active voltage regulation, so it has a good lithium battery activation function.
5. Support temperature compensation function.
6. Preset multiple battery types.
7.7 Real-time data interaction with built-in LCD screen.
8. It has perfect protection mechanisms such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overtemperature, short circuit, and reverse connection.
9. Adopt natural heat dissipation and fan heat dissipation.
10. Support Modbus protocol.

Solar charge controller protection function:
Battery overcharge protection, battery overdischarge protection, battery reverse connection protection, PV reverse connection protection, night anti-reverse charge protection, internal overtemperature protection, charging overcurrent protection, load overcurrent protection, load short circuit protection, fan failure protection, etc.

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