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Solar Controller

Input voltage: 5V-12V
Standby power consumption: 0.04W
Operating power consumption: 0.05W
Communication distance: ≤15m
Serial port baud rate: fixed baud rate 9600bps
Communication method: RS232 TTL
Interface type: RJ12 PH2.0
Connection line: standard network cable (parallel line)
Size: 66*51*15.5mm 67.3*36*15.5mm
Installation size: 57.8*12mm 57.8*12mm
Installation aperture: φ3.5
Working temperature: -20°C-75°C
Protection level: IP67

Advantages of solar controller:
1. Realize the wireless monitoring and control function of the solar controller
2. Support mobile APP, plug and play, simple and convenient setting
3. Use high-performance, ultra-low-power Bluetooth dedicated chips
4. Using Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE technology, it has the characteristics of fast communication and strong anti-interference ability.
5. No external power supply is required, power is directly supplied by the communication port
6. The communication distance is up to 15 meters

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Capacity <1Ah
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