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Recently, HFP4835U80-145, 48V American Standard series, 24V American Standard series successfully passed the cETL certification UL1741&CSA C22.2 standard. This is after the American standard of photovoltaic energy storage inverter controller passed the American UL1741 certification. Another phase of achievement has been achieved in international certification.

Product Name: Solar Inverter Controller

Pack light and fear the distance.
In order to facilitate transportation and easy installation, the whole machine adopts an integrated design, the model is lighter, and the shipment is more convenient. At the same time, it pays attention to the improvement of quality. Even in harsh environments, the three-proof protective film of the components can easily withstand the tests of layers.
Advanced technology is strongly blessed to escort you.
1. High-efficiency MPPT tracking technology. When the solar panel is shaded by shadows, the maximum efficiency point of the solar panel must be tracked, which significantly improves the energy utilization rate of the solar panel, and can significantly increase 15%-20% compared with the traditional charging efficiency.
2. Core SPWM control technology, output pure sine wave to ensure smooth and stable output current.
3. Data visualization, clearer, more accurate, and more worry-free.
Typical working mode
No solar panel mode
No solar panels are required. The home appliances are connected to the grid through the inverter control unit. The maximum charging power is 3150W, the output rated power is 5KW, and the maximum output current is 50A. When the grid is working normally, the inverter control unit will automatically balance the charge and discharge. When the home appliance is working normally, charge the battery; when the power grid is not working, the inverter control integrated machine can also maintain the normal operation of the basic home appliance;
No grid mode
Connect the solar panel to the home appliance through the inverter control integrated machine. The photovoltaic charging adopts advanced MPPT charging technology, the charging efficiency can be as high as 99%, the maximum output power is 5KW, the maximum charging current is 80A, and the maximum working voltage is 500V, complete The household solar power generation system effectively solves the problem of electricity consumption in remote areas and households.

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