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MPL series waterproof MPPT charge and discharge controller, the product integrates solar maximum power tracking MPPT charging management, load breaking control, remote network communication and other functions in one.
It is suitable for lead-acid batteries/lithium batteries/gel batteries, etc. It is widely used in solar off-grid systems, RV systems, solar monitoring systems, solar street lights, etc. It has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, high precision, simple installation and convenient maintenance.

Product Name: Solar Inverter Controller
1. With true MPPT function, it is suitable for monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon or amorphous solar panels with different numbers in series, which can significantly improve the energy utilization rate of solar panels.
2. MPPT solar charging technology, the maximum solar panel open circuit Voc≤60V, the maximum solar panel power Pm≤400W.
3. Load output current 15A, with 0~10V dimming function.
4. Improved charging algorithm, supports 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Users can set the lead-acid battery working mode or the lithium battery working mode by themselves.
5. Load 3 time dimming and morning light design, working time can be set from 0 hours to 15 hours, and power can be set from 0% to 100%.
6. System status record, which can record the system status for up to 7 days to fully monitor the system.
7. Data communication adopts multiple two-way handshake protocol and data compression algorithm to make data transmission accurate and fast.
8. Intelligent power mode, which can automatically adjust the voltage of the dimming signal (0~10V) according to the battery power to maximize the working time of the battery.
9. Infrared remote control: set parameters, read status, view historical data.
10. Metal shell, IP67 waterproof grade, can be used in various harsh environments.
11. Overheating protection function, if the temperature exceeds a certain temperature, the load will be reduced or the load will be turned off.
12. Battery reverse connection protection, load short circuit protection, overload protection, etc., so that the system is fully protected.
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