Wholesale Solar street light lithium battery for $260.00 at Lifepo4 li-ion Battery Factory


Solar street lamp battery factory is engaged in LED street lamp, lithium battery solar street lamp, middle and high pole street lamp, road sign pole, monitoring pole, landscape lamp manufacturer, new energy lighting technology, and advocate energy-saving life. The company has provided new rural lighting projects in many cities across the country. Renovation, providing a large number of lithium battery 12V120AH 12V120AH solar street light battery fire emergency battery, solar landscape light and other products, well received by customers, committed to professional street light manufacturers!


Analysis of solar street light batteries and emergency power products:

1. Batteries: At present, most emergency power supplies on the market are 3 strings of polymer batteries. The safety of such batteries is questionable, especially when the engine is in a high temperature state and customers are often carried on the car. Lithium iron phosphate The safety is better than other lithium batteries, especially the high temperature characteristics are significantly stronger than other types of lithium batteries. Based on the principle of safety, we adopted a higher cost lithium iron phosphate battery as the core of the product.

2. Protection board: The car needs a lot of current to start, for example, the instantaneous current of 2.0 displacement can reach 200A, and the instantaneous 200A current can pass through the protection board, and it can control the charging and discharging to prevent overcharge and overdischarge. There is short-circuit protection and It's not very complicated, but the cost is higher. Most businesses just have charging protection, charging with a charger will not overcharge, the discharge is directly discharged from the battery core without passing through the protection board, and there is no protective measure, so the problem will come if you accidentally short-circuit or connect metal objects in the car At the two poles, there will be instantaneous large-current discharges, from the burning of the wires to the burning of the batteries, and the situation in the car is even more dangerous. Furthermore, if you forget to take off the emergency power supply during startup, the generator will charge to the emergency power supply because the discharge part is not protected, and the problem will come again. Because there is no protection, if you continue to charge the emergency power supply after it is fully charged, the battery will be It is easy to overcharge, and after a long time and the high temperature of the engine, the consequences will be disastrous. The protection board we developed at any cost is protected against both discharge and charging. Overcharge and overdischarge will be protected against short circuits. (You can see our product video demonstration on this page. When the two poles are short-circuited, our starting power supply will cut off the output and automatically protect it. Consult if there is short-circuit protection and try again). Although the cost is high, there is unparalleled safety.

3. Regarding the capacity: 1ah=1000mah. Generally, the starting power for polymer lithium batteries is 3 pieces of monolithic 5ah in series into 12v (that is, 12v5ah, 12v5000mah), but some merchants monogram 3x5ah=15ah 15000mah), which is 15ah, which is actually far away It’s far from reachable, it’s actually only 12v5ah (in terms of size and weight). We use 4 strings of 20ah. The actual capacity is 12v20ah. If we use other business calculation methods, ours will become 8x10ah=80ah= It’s 800000mah, and merchants don’t use ah to calculate the capacity to display more than 0. It is easy for people to think that the capacity is large.

Solar street light lithium battery
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You're reviewing:Wholesale Solar street light lithium battery for $260.00 at Lifepo4 li-ion Battery Factory
Wholesale Solar street light lithium battery for $260.00 at Lifepo4 li-ion Battery Factory